How Tea Can Help Maintain A Healthy Immune System
August 06, 2020

How Tea Can Help Maintain A Healthy Immune System

Five habits to maintain a healthy immune system and boost it's performance to fight off infection and illness include maintaining a healthy diet, hydration, regular exercise, stress management and sound sleep.  Tea aids with establishing ALL of these.

A Healthy Diet
Plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats make up a healthy diet. 

Hydrate with TeaHydrate
Staying hydrated helps the body to eliminate bacteria and toxins. Tea is a great way to kick up your hydration routine with different flavors, scents and textures.  A 2011 UK study reported there is no difference in hydration levels between a cup of water and a cup of tea.  Cold brewed or iced tea deliver the beneficial antioxidants as hot tea.

Drink Intentionally

MANA | Tea for Immunity is crafted with ingredients that support a resilient immune system with antioxidant-rich plant based nutrients.

Vitamin C is essential for the body to repair itself and Hibiscus Bliss a delicious habit to increase intake of this nutrient.

Cinnamon, a featured ingredient in Lemon Chamomile, has been proven to reduce blood sugar.  It’s hard to eat spoonfuls of cinnamon but it’s easy to drink cups of this delicious tea.

Tea can be used to cut cholesterol.  Researchers have shown certain catechins (plant based antioxidants) in camellia sinensis teas are responsible for this cholesterol lowering effect (AARP, 2016).  Black teas like Island Breakfast are most effective at this.  Opt for decaffeinated black tea blends like Passionfruit, Mango, Pineapple or Strawberry Hula if caffeine is a concern.

Regular Exercise
We can get stuck behind a desk or glued to a screen so regular exercise combats this sedentary part of modern living. Maintain muscle and strength, improves circulation and promotes longevity. Pre-workout, drink a caffeinated tea for a quick and safe energy pick up. Post-workout, teas with ginger such as MW Coconut Chai and Ginger Tea contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits can help with recovery and soreness.

Stress Management
Stress comes with an active lifestyle so reducing it can help with weight control, better sleep, quicker recovery, heightened creativity and better physical and mental health. Teas that contain chamomile, peppermint and lavender are great for stress reduction and relieving anxiety. Maui Earl Grey with lavender and Jasmine Pearls with the soothing aroma and L-theanine in green tea help relieve both mind and body.

Image – Bedtime

Sound Sleep
Sound sleep helps the body and mind repair itself naturally. Chamomile is a widely known sleep aid. Chamomile Mint and Lemon Chamomile, both caffeine free, can make great additions to any bedtime routine.