Hippy Goes Hipster. Perfect Cold Brewed Tea.
August 01, 2018

Hippy Goes Hipster. Perfect Cold Brewed Tea.

Sun Tea (throwing teas and herbs in a jar of water and letting it sit on the porch to brew), a practice dating back to the 1960's, is once again trending. Cold-brewed tea is the summer rage. Here’s why the method should continue to grow in popularity.

Cold brew tea offers a lighter, smoother, and less bitter drink compared to hot brewed tea because of the reduced caffeine. Caffeine has a bitter note so teas brewed cold can taste sweeter.

Science shows that cold brewed tea can contain the same levels of antioxidants as hot tea, but with less acidity and caffeine.

Cold brew is not fast. Rather, it's easier because of not having to boil water which is also “greener” since it requires less electricity.

Brew Time
Cold-brewed tea made at room temperature can take 3-5 hours. Tea brewed in the refrigerator (approx. 42°) takes longer, approximately 5-8 hours. Our Tropical Iced Tea takes about 5 hours to cold brew in the refrigerator. Whole leaf, larger tea leaves will take longer to brew.  Water with high mineral content (hard water) will take longer to brew than soft water (lower mineral content).

Leaf Amount
Start with 10 grams of whole-leaf tea per quart of water. With tea bags, try 3 tea bags per quart.