Tea to Help You do You!
January 08, 2020

Tea to Help You do You!

Staying well is valuable as the world changes seemingly faster. We invest time and energy in our health and well-being. Some of us will go to the gym. Some focus on what they eat. Many of us try to get more sleep.

It's assuring to know tea remains a healthy constant to physical, mental and spiritual well-being in a world that grows increasingly hectic.

Chamomile is one ingredient you can use to improve your workouts, diet and sleep. This herb's ability to help with relaxation and rest is well known but its taste can be lacking. We created some tasty blends using this powerful ingredient to enjoy around the clock to help you do you.

Chamomile contains calcium and potassium which can help eliminate excess water and these blends can also help better manage diet, sugar and caloric intake and weight.

Lemon Chamomile contains cinnamon which reduces inflammation and lowers blood sugar. Perfect for after workouts! Cinnamon's sweetness makes this tea a nice zero-calorie alternative to soda, candy or high-fat dessert.

Chamomile Mint can boost metabolism to help the body burn fat. Mint also soothes the stomach and helps you to breathe easier and deeper.

Add a cup or two of these blends to your night time routine to curb late-night cravings and to control your appetite in the morning.