Mamaki Tea Benefits: How Mamaki Is Making the World a Better Place
February 21, 2019

Mamaki Tea Benefits: How Mamaki Is Making the World a Better Place

Leading the World to a Better Place: Mamaki Tea

The world is growing increasingly hectic and stressful. We look for products or ideas that will help make the world seem simpler or easier to navigate. With such complexity, we often think technology or some new innovation will be what saves the world; meanwhile, Mother Nature has already crafted a cure: Mamaki. A lot of attention has been given to Green Tea for its miracle capabilities, but lesser known is a traditional Hawaiian tea called Mamaki.
What is Mamaki?
Mamaki is a native Hawaiian plant that's been safely used for centuries by indigenous healers as a natural remedy for physical and spiritual ailments. While we are still discovering the power of Mamaki, here are a few things this natural healing herb has already brought to the world.

Benefits of Mamaki Tea

The benefits of mamaki tea are high in antioxidants plus antibacterial and antiviral benefits. The plant is rich in nutrients including magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, C, K and B, beta-carotene and rutin. It also has adaptogenic properties related to balancing blood sugar and blood pressure.

Mamaki Tea is a Natural Stimulant Without Caffeine

Does mamaki tea have caffeine? No. One of the biggest factors we consider when choosing our teas is how it will make us feel. Whether you are seeking energy, relaxation, or health, tea is an elixir that can power your mood. Yet teas with caffeine can leave us wired after the initial boost while some herbal remedies can put us to sleep. Mamaki Tea stimulates and invigorates without caffeine. Mamaki Tea is loaded with macro and micro minerals that contain catechins; these polyphenols stimulate brain activity and boost metabolic rates and are rich in antioxidants. The unassuming and subtle effect gently stimulates natural brain activity, leaving you feeling productive, creative, and confident.

Mamaki Tea Can Help Protect Against Cancer

The same medicinal properties that make Green Tea renowned for its cancer remedies are also found in Mamaki. The polyphenols that inhibit tumor cell proliferation in Green Tea are abundant in the Mamaki leaves. This powerful antioxidant is natural, safe to consume, and a precious remedy to defend against life’s most unforgiving disease.

Mamaki Farm in Hawaii

Mamaki Restores Damaged Ecosystems

There is oli or Hawaiian chants dating back 400 years that refer to Mamaki as the forest fixer. Just like us, Mother Nature has diseases that she needs to protect herself against. With carbon emissions at an all-time high, our soil is losing its ideal chemical balance for plant growth. With the potential to have devastating impacts on agriculture and ecosystems, farmers and conservationists alike are looking toward regenerative plants like Mamaki to restore damaged soil by adding nitrogen.

Mamaki Tea Is a Natural Sunscreen

Recently, Hawaii released a law prohibiting the use of sunscreens that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, the two active ingredients that reflect UV rays. Not only are these chemicals damaging to the user's skin, but they also are a major threat to our coral reefs. With more and more research on this issue, the more likely other governments will follow in Hawaii’s footsteps.

Fortunately, Mamaki Tea and its catechins act as a sunscreen. By helping to speed up oxidation in your skin cells, consuming Mamaki can better equip your skin to be more adaptive and protected against harmful UV rays.

Buying Hawaiian Mamaki Tea Helps Boost The Economy

One of the major issues that Hawaii faces is its dependence on tourism and imports. Almost a quarter of the state’s GDP comes from the money brought in by visitors. Globalization has affected our market to the point where only 10% of our products are sourced locally. As the world becomes more aware of the importance of Mamaki, farmers and the state can develop a more sustainable income.

Wooden Wave - Kakaako - Sustainable Living

Purchasing Mamaki Tea Protects an Endangered Hawaiian Butterfly

The Kamehameha Butterfly or Pulelehua is unique to the Hawaiian islands; its beauty holds a special place in the culture as the state’s official insect. The Mamaki plant provides a home for the butterfly and plays a key role in the butterfly’s survival. However, industrial development and invasive species have begun to take over the land where Mamaki has grown for centuries, leaving Pulelehua homeless and increasingly in danger of becoming extinct. Choosing Mamaki can have a butterfly effect in preserving this species, every time you decide to drink Mamaki you are creating more of a demand for farmers to increase their supply, which will create new homes for Pulelehua to live and thrive.

Endangered Hawaiian Kamehameha Butterfly

While Mamaki has been around for centuries, its vast potential is just starting to become realized. Mamaki Tea continues to establish roots around the world and heal both the user and the planet; however, its real beauty lies in its smooth, graceful taste. Enjoy with a splash of honey and be transported to old Hawaiʻi.