How To Make Iced Tea Simple
July 07, 2020

How To Make Iced Tea Simple

Iced tea is the #1 lunchtime drink in restaurants across America, but since we’re not going out much these days, here are some tips to make the perfect iced tea at home.

Fresh-brewed captures the authentic flavors and natural health benefits of iced tea. Canned and bottled drinks are usually pasteurized to kill bacteria, but the process also destroys antioxidant content. Citric acid is added to ready-to-drink teas to extend shelf life, but adds a sour note which can then be covered up by sweetener. Fresh-brewed is pure, healthier and has zero calories!

Traditional Method on the Quick
Enjoy fresh-brewed iced tea in 15 minutes — 10 minutes to heat the water and 5 minutes of steeping time. Start with half of the water of the total amount of iced tea you want to make. For example, if you want to make one gallon of iced tea, start with one half-gallon of water. Heat the water to 195°, then remove from the stove. Add one pre-measured bag of Tropical Iced Tea or loose tea and steep for 5 minutes. Remove the tea leaves, then add a half-gallon of ice. Iced tea is now served!

Strawberry Hula

Why Try Cold Brewed?
Benefits to cold-brewing include less caffeine and less tannins. Less of these two makes the tea smoother to drink and softer on the digestive system. Add the tea leaves to cold water. Place in the refrigerator for 4-6 hours. Have fun diversifying your menu with loose teas like Jasmine Yin Hao or Strawberry Hula. Start with 40 grams of tea leaves per gallon and adjust, as desired.

For a quick cold-brewed tea, Hibiscus Bliss in tea bags will brew as little as 10 minutes. Toss a tea bag in a cup of cold water and watch the water change to a beautiful crimson red right before your eyes. Enjoy!