Nighty Night

¥4,000 JPY

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Bundle includes:

  • MAHINA 20-count, 40g/1.42oz
  • NANEA 20-count, 40g/1.42oz
  • Lemon Chamomile 20 count, 40g/1.42oz 
  • Caffeine free
  • Kosher certified
  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar

Perfect for any nighttime routine.  Lets these plant-based nutrients gently rock you to sleep.  

MAHINA’s powerhouse ingredients include chamomile, valerian root, and passionflower. Research shows these ingredients relax the brain and calm its activity for a better night’s rest. Valerian root is used in naturopathic medicine to relieve symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, headaches and menopause symptoms.  Passionflower is used to relieve anxiety, insomnia and ADHD among many other conditions.

NANEA means “tranquility” in Hawaiian. This beautiful, golden-colored tea promotes a feeling of calm. We combined fragrant chamomile with organic herbal ingredients from the Ayurvedic tradition that are associated with alleviating stress, fatigue and anxiety, such as ashwagandha, cinnamon and lemongrass. NANEA also includes Hawaii-grown moringa and māmaki, plants high in vitamins and antioxidants.

A touch of cinnamon makes Lemon Chamomile a sweet, delicious and unique chamomile experience. Top grades of rooibos and lemongrass add antioxidants to this blend for a soothing cup to enjoy any time of day.

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