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Yin Zhen Silver Needles

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Less than 1% of all the tea produced in the world is white tea. Yin Zhen Silver Needles is some of the finest quality available. Each leaf is harvested as a young tea shoot before the shoot opens and drops its silver down coating.

This is the least processed tea, so it has the highest levels of antioxidants in tea per serving with the least amount of caffeine. Silver Needles tea is smooth and easy to drink. The flavor is very delicate, so we recommend enjoying the tea by itself.

  • Very high antioxidants
  • Very low caffeine
Cupping Notes:
  • Taste: nutty with hints of fruit
  • Body: light
  • Liquor: pale yellow
Brewing Technique:
  • Steep: 3 minutes; subsequent infusions 15-30 seconds
  • Leaf Amount: 3-5 grams per cup (Tip: be generous here to ensure a flavorful cup)
  • Water Temp: 170° F (76° C), multiple infusions

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