Matcha Tea Set

$64.95 USD

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All the tools to prepare matcha green tea powder like a pro!  Enjoy the authentic, calming and meditative experience of matcha. Elegant presentation box makes for a great gift and unboxing experience. Easy to follow instructions how to prepare matcha are included.    

Break up clumps with the Stainless Steel Sifter. Sift over the porcelain Matcha Tea Bowl (chawan). Precisely scoop matcha with your Bamboo Scoop (chashaku). Mix and froth the matcha powder with a hand-carved bamboo whisk (chasen). 

The Matcha Tea Bowl makes for easy pouring to make lattes, smoothies and over desserts.

Set includes:

     1 - Matcha Tea Bowl With Spout, 20 oz, 4.5"Dx3.0"H *

     1 - Bamboo Matcha Whisk, 4"H

     1 - Bamboo Matcha Scoop, 7"L

     1 - Stainless Steel Sifter

     1 - Ceramic Whisk Stand

* Matcha bowl is dishwasher safe. Durable glaze is lead-free and cadmium-free

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