Japanese Green Tea Experience

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Bundle includes:

  • Japanese Sencha, 3oz/85g
  • Sakura Sencha, 3oz/85g
  • Hojicha, 3oz/85g

Japanese Sencha is the daily drink that powers Japan. This palate-cleansing premium selection has herbaceous green notes and a lively astringency. Pairs excellently with Japanese food.

Cupping Notes:
  • Taste: bittersweet with mild astringency
  • Bouquet: grassy
  • Body: medium
  • Liquor: yellow green

Ingredients: Green tea

Sakura Sencha is made only once a year to commemorate the coming of Spring. This tea seamlessly blends sencha, kukicha and cherry blossoms together in a delicious and delightful treat.  Flavorful yet light and enjoyable both hot and cold.

Cupping Notes:
  • Taste: fresh green tea, cherry, plum
  • Bouquet: floral, grassy, cherry
  • Body: light
  • Liquor: light green

Ingredients: Green tea, cherry blossoms

Hojicha is a top-grade roasted tea from the fabled region. Soothing hot and refreshingly delicious on ice! Pair this tea with soba noodles, meats and stews.

Cupping Notes:
  • Taste: earth and smoke with a sweet finish
  • Bouquet: roasted veggies
  • Body: medium
  • Liquor: dark brown

Ingredients: Roasted green tea

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