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Hawaiʻi is the only state in the U.S. that grows cacao, the tropical fruit used to make chocolate. The shell around the roasted cacao bean is removed and the inner nib is used to make chocolate. The shells, once a throw away by-product of chocolate making, is now re-purposed for its aromatic flavor and made part of this delicious tea.

Cacao tea promotes feeling relaxed and calm.

  • High in antioxidants
  • Contains L-theanine and theobromine
  • Great as iced tea
  • No sugar added
  • Great for chocolate tea lattes
Cacao Colada Cupping Notes:
  • Taste: coconut, chocolate, pineapple
  • Bouquet: chocolate, coconut, pineapple
  • Body: medium
  • Liquor: golden brown
Lilikoi Cacao Cupping Notes:
  • Taste: passion fruit, chocolate
  • Bouquet: chocolate, fruit
  • Body: medium
  • Liquor: golden brown
Brewing Technique:
  • Steep: 4 minutes
  • Leaf Amount: one round teaspoon per cup
  • Water Temp: 195° F (90° C) 

Cacao Colada Ingredients:organic black tea, cacao shells, marigold petals, natural flavor

Lilikoi Cacao Ingredients: organic black tea, cacao shells, marigold petals, safflower, natural flavor