Chai Bundle

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Bundle includes:

  • Marsala Chai, 3oz/85g
  • MW Coconut Chai, 2.5oz/70g

These authentic Indian recipe features robust black tea mixed with fresh spices to create a fragrant, delicious and addictive taste.  Enjoy chai straight or kick it up with milk and sweetener. Delicious served hot and cold.

  • Authentic recipes
  • Moderate to high caffeine
  • Add your own milk and sweetener
  • Create delicious chai drinks and desserts with this tea
Cupping Notes:
  • Taste: black tea, cardamom and clove
  • Bouquet: tea and fresh spices
  • Body: full
  • Liquor: medium amber
  • Caffeine: moderate to high
  • Antioxidants: high
Brewing Technique:
  • Steep: 3-5 minutes
  • Water Temp: 195° F (90° C)


  • Marsala Chai - black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, and clove
  • MW Coconut Chai - black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, coconut, natural flavor

Warning: Someone allergic to tree nuts may be allergic to coconut.  Please consult your physician to see if coconut is OK for you.

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